On 28.Sept 2011 I traveled to Africa for charity "Africa Amini Alama" in Momella / Tanzania. This is in northern Tanzania between Arusha and Moshi.
Momella you do not find on a map, but it is very near to

Ngare Nanyuki

Google Map

The organization was founded by the Austrian physician Dr. Dr. Christine Wallner and is now operated by her and her daughter Mag. Dr. Cornelia Wallner- Frisee.
I had the opportunity to get involved there.

If you are interested in what makes this charity please look at the website:


I would like to tell you about my trip. If you want, look at the following slideshow. It takes about 16 minutes:

Before you look at the slideshow, stop the background music of my page, top left in control of the music !!!!!!!!!!!!

Slideshow tour of Africa

Unfortunately, my stay was abruptly ended. I had crashed a motorcycle, was 6 days in a hospital in Africa, with an ambulancejet transporting in a Vienna hospital for 10 days.

But Africa: I'll be back!